Our Mission at Coles Elementary School is to provide a World Class Education to EACH student through a comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning styles of all students. The foundation of our learning environment is deep-rooted with high expectations, mutual respect, standards based and a focus on learning


Coles Elementary School is a welcoming and inviting school striving for excellence for All students. At Coles.......... 

 Coles Elementary is a community of environmentally minded thinkers where learning is achieved, real world problems are explored, and success is celebrated.


Culture Statement 

We believe. . .

. . .that it is the responsibility of the School Division to teach children

. . .in the value of the individual

. . .that every individual can learn

. . .that decision-making is best done through a collaborative process

. . .in diversity

. . .that the School Division is governed through a representative process

. . .in the commitment of the School Division to all employees

. . .that effective communication among all employees is critical to the well-being and operation of the School Division

. . .that effective communication and public relations are the responsibility of every employee

. . .that continuous improvement in all areas of the School Division is the basis for a quality operation