Four Elements One World

Element Selection

  • Ignis (fire)-red
  • Makani (air)-yellow
  • Neptune (water)-blue
  • Terra (earth)-green
  • ALL students and staff are placed into elements in which they remain from K-5
  • Staff includes all teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria hostesses, office staff, etc.
  • All family members will be placed into the same house
  • New students are placed into houses upon arrival to the school at random (spinning a wheel)

Element Points

  • Students earn points for their element for many reasons such as:  using good manners, making good decisions, showing leadership, being responsible and respectful, helping a peer, showing gratitude and compassion, etc..
  • Teachers & staff each have 25 Element points to award per week to students.  These will be totaled at the end of each week by a “score keeper” and point totals will be maintained in the cafeteria on corresponding color chalkboards helping students know how many points their element has earned.
  • Quarterly assemblies will be held & winning element will earn a trophy to place in their “element case” in the hallway

Student Engagement

  • Students have been assigned their element and have been provided an element t shirt to wear on Fridays.
  • Kindergarten students will be assigned a fifth grade buddy for the school year
  • Each Element has 7 Student Element Leaders.  These Element Leaders are selected by the staff using a rubric identifying the characteristics each element leader is expected to demonstrate.  Student Element Leaders are selected at the end of their fourth grade year and serve their leadership during their fifth grade year.
  • Bi-weekly Element Meetings are held throughout the school year and focus on the 7 Mindsets, life skills, manners, being accountable, responsibility, being respectful, etc….