Summer Break – Bio-Med Science Academy
Enjoy your summer class of 2020-2021!!! It has been wild ride. You are Blasting off to 6th Grade and I know you will blow them away! Hope to see your smiling faces up at Benton! :)

Lora - Carrillo Elementary School
Welcome 5th Grade Class of 2020-2021:

I'm Charlotte Trost. I know this year of school is a little different than we had planned, or what you have experienced, but I am so excited about our upcoming year and getting to know every student!  
Email: [email protected]
Charlotte Trost

A little bit about me: I would like to welcome you to 5th grade this year. My name is Charlotte Trost (long o). This is my 7th year in Prince William County. I have taught 4th and 5th grade. I am a Prince William County graduate (Brentsville) and have loved calling this home for the past 17years. I love the beach, movies, travel, Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper, hanging out with my family, watching sports, and READING! I love my dog named Ellie who takes up a lot of my time and energy! 

Our Class Vision

We will be respectful and responsible 5th graders with positive attitudes towards our learning, our teachers, our classmates, and technology.

Our Class Mission

We are hard-working 5th graders that are unwilling to give up!