Welcome to Strings at Coles!   

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"Music gives a soul to the universe, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." -Plato

May 18th, 2020:
'Best Day of my Life' Play-Along     

How to practice this at home: 

1. Listen/watch the play-along video

2. Pizzicato along/say the note names out loud!! 

3. Add your bow! Follow along with the video so you can tell where the notes change. 

4. Practice it some more :) 

5. Put on a performance for your family! Or your pets...or your stuffed animals...or just for yourself. 

Have fun! I will create a FlipGrid link where you may share your performance if you'd like. 

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9:10-9:55 -- Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary School 
10:20-1:00 -- Benton Middle School 
1:40-3:40 -- Coles Elementary School
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