September 8, 2020

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome back to the 2020-21 Virtual Fall School year! This is a new experience for us all, but I'm confident that together we can adjust and adapt to change! My goal is to keep Literacy Learning Fun and enjoyable as we read for pleasure and learning. 

Please note that for the first two to three weeks of school I'll be involved in the Assessment of students' Literacy skills. While I won't be working directly with Literacy learning groups during this time, their teachers are ensuring that all students are highly engaged in  effective Literacy practices.

Those students that will be working directly with me, will have access to their Canvas modules once assigned in the program. In the meantime, if you and your child are interested in extra literacy practices, you can visit my useful links page for some suggested online literacy sites. You can also access books digitally through the public library system or other available resources.

The best way to support your child with Literacy skills is to ensure they are reading, Equally important, is that you are having discussions with them about WHAT they are reading! Support him/her in finding books of interest, reading these book of interest, and writing about favorite aspects of the books based on questions you choose to pose. Your support will help your child with healthy reading habits, strengthen liteacy skills ,and select books for sheer pleasure and enjoyment!

During this first weeks of school, feel free to email me at should you have any questions or need support with literacy needs. 

I'm so enthusiastic about the start of school year, and the excitement of what's to come, as we charter these new waters together. Change brings about growth. Together, this is going to be a fun and fabulous school year packed with traditional and new ways of literacy learning! Enjoy!

Happy Reading,

Your Friendly Reading Specialist, 

Kathy Miller~

June 5th 2020 Update

Just a reminder that there are 3rd and 5th grade Literacy Assignments ready for completion. Please upload them to my page via "files and documents." 

Next week marks the last week of school. I'll be checking my email regularly through the next few weeks. Please feel free to email me any questions may have!

Please return any books you child may have borrowed when you pick up student materials. Just put a note stating that you want these items to go in Mrs. Miller's mailbox. This includes any Reading Recovery books as well. 
Thank you!

Make sure your child reads and writes throughout the summer to maintain and strengthen literacy skills. 

Thank you!

Mrs. Miller

May 18th Update


Reminder, if your student was in a small group with me during school, your child will receive a zoom lesson. If you received a personal email from me, your child will also be in a weekly Zoom lesson. Please check your email each Sunday evening for the link if any of the above apply. 


May 7 announcement:
In addition to information you will find here, please remember to check your email weekly for specific information as it relates to your child and small group work. As always, if you have any questions my office hours are Wednesdays from 10:00-10:30. Please feel free to email me! I look forward to supporting you and your child!

May 4 update!

Hello Families,

I have returned from Medical leave! If your child was in a small group with me for grades K-2, I'll be contacting you soon for zoom lessons. For grades 3, 4 and 5, I'll be developing Reading and Writing activities to support your students. Please feel free to contact me during my office hours on Wednesday from 10:00 to 10:30 should you have any questions as I am happy to help.
Stay tuned for exciting things to come!
Your Friendly reading specialist,
Kathy Miller

March 30th UPDATE

Dear Parents, Families and Guardians, 

I wanted to share with you that I am on Medical leave until April 29th; post surgery.  With this in mind, please know that I am still checking email several times a week and will respond when I can,  once I've viewed your email. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any literacy related questions that I can be of help with! I miss the students and want to be of service when I can! My email is 

Should a change in date of return occur (earlier or later) I'll notify you in the same format. Below I've posted various activities, specific to grade level, that will support your child with maintaining and strengthening literacy skills!

Additionally, if I worked with your child, please take a moment to send me your email!

Happy Reading and Writing!

Wishing you and your family the Very Best and please stay Safe!

Kathy Miller

March 14, 2020

Dear Parents, Families and Guardians,

These are challenging times for all of us but, we have the power to keep our learning going by being creative, in so many authentic ways.  The wonderful thing about Reading is that almost anything you need to learn can be found in a book!  Don’t have a lot of books at home? -visit your public library where books are free on loan! Below are some activities, specific to grades levels that encourage literacy learning on variety of levels.  Enjoy this time through the window of reading and writing fun!

Kindergarten: Start with early literacy activities. Play alphabet Bingo. Some children took this activity home. If your child was absent, cut and paste this site into your browser to create and print alphabet  cards  You can also visit  to access a free ABC match game! Many of the kids are familiar with this game from playing it at school. 

  • Visit my useful links page for online literacy resources.
  • Read simple books together, draw attention to pictures and beginning letters.
  • Make letters in shaving cream or with playdough! Practice making words with magnetic letters!
  • Read simple poetry together that contains rhyme and alliteration.
  • Dictate simple sentences that include site words (the kids often call these popcorn words) with rhyming words.An example would be “I can ‘run’ for ‘fun’.” Support your child with writing the words. Make up others of your own.
  • Take a trip to the library and help your child pick out books on their level. Help your child find simple repetitive books or picture books. Practice these books with your child each day until they are ready for new books.

Grade 1 and 2:

  • Visit my useful links page for online literacy resources.
  • Take a trip to your local library and help your child get their own library card! Support them with checking out books of interest that are on his or her level as well as some books on their level that you choose, that are related to biographies, science and social studies.
  • Have your child practice reading skills with books by looking at the letters and letter clusters in the words, matching this with the pictures, thinking about what’s happening in the story, and checking to see if the words make sense or sounds right. Support them as needed without telling them the word unless they cannot figure it out on their own.
  • Have your child read and write about their books. Write about the story elements, setting, characters, problem and solution. Identify and write about each one.

Kids can…

  • Read a story to mom, dad or a friend like a story teller. Practice reading the story until it’s easy and sounds smooth as you read the words.
  • Find a book about a famous American. Write a summary about what they are famous for. Share the story with an adult.
  • Read a picture book and write about your favorite part.
  • Write a story and share it. Draw pictures to go with your story.
  • Listen to a fun story online about clouds with the help of an adult. Examples are “The Cloud book” by Tommie De Paola or “The Little Cloud “by Eric Carl, and can be found on “Youtube.” You can also find these books at your local library.Write about what you learned or what the story was about.
  • Help mom or dad make a grocery list. Draw four squares and put like foods and products together.
  • Have a book share with mom and dad or another adult. After reading your favorite book, tell mom and dad what it was about, showing pictures of your favorite part. Tell them why it was your favorite part.

Grades 3, 4 and 5.

Take a trip to your local library and help your child get their own library card! Support them with checking out books of interest and books that are related to things they are learning in school. Support them with checking out biographies, autobiographies, informational books about social studies and science. Make the experience fun by sending them on a pre-planned scavenger hunt to find the books. Stay close to your child during this experience so, you can guide them.

Visit the department of education at  and check out your child’s grade level of expectations for reading and writing.

Make sure your child has a cozy spot to read and write. Have a discussion with them about what a good spot would be or how you can help them create one. Make sure they have the supplies they need such as pencils, paper, markers and crayons.

Kids can…

  • Read a story and write a summary about the book. Share it with an adult along with your favorite part.
  • Read a chapter book and summarize the chapters using details that include character names, plot, event and solution. Write about the theme or the message of the story; what is it that the author wants you to know?
  • Decide on a book, both you and your friend will read. Make a list of things you were curious about, enjoyed, did not enjoy, or what you understood, or did not. How do your answers compare with your friend’s answers?Did he or she change your mind on anything? Think critically.
  • Write a story persuading someone to play your favorite sport, or engage in a hobby you love! Take it through the writing process. For example: Brainstorm your ideas, write a first draft and second draft, revise what you’ve written and edit your paper for grammar and punctuation. Share it with an adult and share it with your teacher.
  • Research the Virginia Reader’s Choice page at Select a book on your grade level to read.Visit your local library to check the book out. Would you recommend the book to a friend? Why or why not?
  • Choose a book about a famous American. Read and write an informational paper sharing what you’ve learned about the person. Take it through the writing process. Share it with your teacher!
  • Visit the page with an adult, to learn about poetry for kids. Challenge yourself to write a poem of your own! Share it with your mom and dad!
  • Visit the page and make a list of science, technology, engineering and math books you would be interested in reading (STEM books). Pick one and read it. Write about why it is important to learn about one of these subject areas. Would you recommend the book to a friend, why or why not?
  • Start a book club with a few friends. Make a list of books you would like to read together!
  • Read a fictional story of your choice and write about the story elements. What is the settings, who are the characters, what was the plot and what was the solution in the story?
  • Read a non-fiction book and identify the title, index, glossary, subtitles, text features and the main idea of each page. Write it all down and share it with your teacher!
  • Check out Good Reads at Check out one of these books from the local library. Write what you infer when you come to a section in the book that calls for an inference. Ex. I infer that _________________ because_______________. Find out if your inference was close to what you thought by reading on!
  • Create your own reading and writing activities and post them to the Coles Facebook page for others to try. Make sure you have it approved by an adult and post it with adult support!
  • Lastly, just read, read, and read! Don’t forget to write because the two go hand in hand to strengthen Literacy skills!


Have fun reading and learning!

Your Friendly Reading Teacher,

Mrs. Miller~