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Virtual Field Trips
25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips
National Parks Virtual Tour

2nd Grade Virtual Field Trips
At Home Virtual Field Trips

Reading Resources and Activities

RAZ Kids online books to read: 
RAZ Kids Log On

Reading IQ - Online book library: Reading IQ Log On

Online reading library Epic Books

Free website for online books
Unite for Literacy Books online

Listen to stories read aloud: Story Online

Listen to stories online: 
Story Time Ms. Becky

Listen to stories online 
Virtual Classroom Library

Nonfiction Reading Website: 
National Geographic Kids

Nonfiction Reading website:
 Time for Kids

Online reading skills games Room Recess Reading Games

Read about social studies and science topics: Pebble Go

Read about different topics Scholastic Magazines

Reading Bear
Phonics and Vocabulary Practice

Books, games and videos online Funbrain

Online Reading Library Just Books

Stem and Science Activities

41 Science Experiments to do at Home 
Science Experiments

Fun Science and Technology for Kids Science Activities

50 Stem Activities Stem Activities for Kids

Little Bins Little Hands Stem activities Easy Stem Challenges

NASA Stem Engagement Stem at Home

Brain and Dance Breaks 
Dance Breaks: 
Go Noodle

Dance while learning: 
Jack Hartman Videos

Brain Breaks between Learning: 
Three Minute Brain Breaks

Dance while learning activities and videos: 
Brain Breaks

Resources and Activities for Various Subjects
Resources for optional home learning PWCS Home Learning Resources

Website with various subjects Find Out Subjects

Games for all subject areas: Interactive Sites Weebly

Games for all subject areas aligned with our SOLs
SOL Teacher

Games for all subject areas: ABCYa

List of free resources and websites Education Resources

Website with various subject  areas:  Starfall Online Learning

Math Resources and Activities
Math Program teaches VA SOL objectives https://www.prodigygame.com/

Games for Math at different levels IXL Math

Games for Math at different levels  Fun 4 the Brain Math Games

Games for Math practice Home School Math Games

Games for Math practice Kids Math Games

Games for Math Practice I Know It Math

Math Games to review previous SOL Objectives taught

Graphing Game 1 ABCYah Graphing

Graphing Game 2 Education Graphing Games

Graphing Game 3 Graphing Day

Graphing Game 4 Top Marks Graphing

Probability Game 1 Probability Fair

Probability Game 2 Turtle Diary Probability

Probability Game 3 Probability Training game

Patterns Game 1 ABCyah Patterns

Patterns Game 2 Math Nook Patterns

Patterns Game 3 Primary Games Patterns

Patterns Game 4 Soft Schools Patterns

Patterns Game 5 Pattern Math Games 4 Children

Patterns Games 6 Pattern Shapes

Patterns Game 7 Pattern Sequence Games

Estimation Game 1 ABCya Estimation

Estimation Game 2 Sheppards Software Estimation

Estimation Game 3 Soft Schools Estimation

Estimation Game 4 ABCyah Marble Estimation

Measurement Game 1 Splash Math Measurement

Measurement Game 2 Education Measurement

Measurement Game 3 ABCyah Measurement

Measurement Game 4 Mathnook Measurement

Measurement Game 5 PBS Kids Measurement

Money Game 1 Splash Math Money

Money Game 2 ABCya Money

Money Game 3 Turtle Diary Money

Money  Game 4 Sheppard Software Money

 Comparing Numbers Game 1 ABCya compare numbers

Comparing Numbers Game 2 Sheppard Software Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers Game 3 Top Marks Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers Game 4 Turtle Diary Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Ordinal Numbers Game 1 Turtle Diary Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers Game 2 
Soft School Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers Game 3 Math Games Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers Game 4 Math 4 Children Ordinal Numbers

Skip Counting Game 1 Number Bubble Skip Counting

Skip Counting Game 2 Skip Counting by 5s and 10s

Skip Counting Game 3 Skip Counting Tutorial

Skip Counting Game 4 Counting Games

Even and Odd Game 1 ABCya Odd and Even

Even and Odd Game 2 Top Marks Even or Odd

Even and Odd Game 3 Math Nook Even and Odd

Even and Odd Game 4 Even and Odd Math Game

Rounding Game 1 Room Recess Astro Blaster - Rounding

Rounding Game 2 ABCya Rounding

Rounding Game 3 Free Math Rounding Games

Rounding Game 4 Rocket Rounding

Place Value Game 1 Sheppard Place Value Games

Place Value Game 2 Splash Math Place Value Game

Place Value Game 3 ABCya Place Value

Place Value Game 4 Turtle Diary Place Value Game

Calendar Game 1 ABCya Calendar

Calendar Game 2 Calendar Clowns

Calendar Game 3 Math Frame Calendar

Calendar Game 4 Magic Calendar

Addition/Subtraction Facts Game 1 Fact Monster Flashcards

Addition/Subtraction Facts Game 2 Math Playground Basic Facts

Addition/Subtraction Facts Game 3 ABCya Math Facts

Addition/Subtraction Facts Game 4 Room Recess Math Facts

Addition Games 1 Splash Math Addition Games

Addition Games 2 Adding Two Digit Numbers

Addition Games 3 Fruitshoot Addition Game

Addition and Subtraction Games 4 Top Marks Addition and Subtraction Game

Subtraction Game 5 Subtracting Two Digit Numbers Soccer Game

Subtraction Game 6 Splash Math Subtraction Game