Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded.  

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year, in Gifted Education, we will focus on The Big 5:  Thinking Skills to Build Brian Power.  Our purpose is to engage in activities that require the brain to construct new neural pathways through activities that focus on critical thinking, creative thinking, conceptual thinking, collaboration, and communication.  These new pathways will allow your student to think flexibly.  Flexible thinking is the basis of high-level problem solving ability. It will be an exciting time!

Third through Fifth Grade will use Microsoft Teams to access learning tools until I receive my Canvas template.  If your student cannot log-in to Teams or see the files that I have posted there, please go to Files and Documents in my Class Page (see the left navigation bar on this page) and click on your student's grade level to find the same items that are posted in MS Teams.

Please do contact me, though my PWCS email, with any questions.

All the best,
Deborah Ellefson