For information on Canvas and Zoom, please utilize the following resources for students, parents, and teachers Canvas and Zoom

To reset your Office 365 password, please use the following link and follow the directions on Toolbox Password Self Service

To download Office 365 on home devices, students can log in with their user name and password. Their user name will be a complete student email address Which ends in Once on the Office 365 home screen, select Install Office from the upper right. A drop down box appears. Choose the down arrow for Office 365 apps. Then follow the prompts from the next Windows to run the install commands. 

To access school subscriptions
, please check out the following options:

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Study Island
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Play Prodigy URL
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Android Prodigy App on GooglePlay

RAZ Kids
Kids A-Z URL
iOS KidsAZ App
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In Coles Computer Lab, we give students the opportunity to thrive in a digital age learning environment.


Our mission is to encourage staff and students to integrate technology into the educational process and to use technology as a way to extend learning outside the classroom.  We will accomplish this by:

  • Offering staff development opportunities to support innovative educators.
  • Informing students about digital citizenship.
  • Fostering student technology skills.
  • Providing students opportunities to creatively express their ideas to others.
Summer Update 07/25/20

Please check out my Tech Tuesday FlipGrid for weekly challenges related to computer science concepts!

Are there any issues you think technology can’t help solve? Why or why not?" CS for Good
Tech Tuesday Week 7

Create an algorithm for making a sandwich.

Tech Tuesday Challenge Week 5

Try creating your own Earth Day game using the Tynker "Plant Trees" template. You will apply coding skills in this fun interactive project.
Tech Tuesday Challenge Week 4

Take a "census" of your home. How many people live in your house? How many children? How many adults?
Tech Tuesday Challenge Week 3

How would your day be different without computers?  
Tech Tuesday Challenge Week 2

How do we use computers in our daily lives?
Tech Tuesday Challenge Week 1