Disclaimer: Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded. 
6/8/20 UPDATE
Happy Last Week of School!! Crazy to think in a few short days your child will be heading to 5th grade!!

We know this year didn't end the way we had expected. We do want you all to know how much we appreciate your support and flexibility with our digital learning.

We will hold our zoom meetings on Monday & Friday @ 10 am.

Attached we have our LAST choice board full on FUN & reflective learning activities!

We spent many hours last week packing up the students materials and they will be available for pick up on Wednesday, June 10th from 1-3 pm. We placed a little something special in there for our students. It's not much but we do wish them success in their future endeavors.

6/1/20 UPDATE 
Happy June!!! 

This week we have another round of ZOOM meetings and Choice Board activities. 

We will be ZOOMing on Monday & Friday @ 10 am this week. Monday we will have students share out their favorite 4th grade memory, Mrs. Mainwaring will be playing a game of Jeopardy with the students about Safe @ Home, Safe Alone. Friday we will have more time to share out and game day!!! 

Monday Nights @ 7 are Mrs. Keaney's game night! Join in for the fun!

Thank you for your support. :) 

5/26/20 UPDATE
Hi Families!
We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! In Files and Documents is your weekly choice board. Notice there are 5 choices but only 4 days. Remind students that they do not have to do all 5, unless they're feeling up to the challenge! Our weekly ZOOM meetings will resume on Friday with more games and student share outs. Please have students thinking about this question to share out: What has been their best face to face 4th grade memory? We can't wait to hear their responses! 
Thank you for your continued support! 
UPDATE 5/18/20 Hi Families!
We will continue to meet via ZOOM on Monday & Friday from 10-10:30. This week we have some winners from last weeks games drawing something for our fun games of Pictionary!! We hope to see you there!!!

The new choice board can be found in the Files and Documents tab.
During our ZOOM meetings, Mrs. Mainwaring will have "Safe at Home, Safe Alone" assignments for students to work on and use for discussions.

Monday nights at 7 are game night with Ms. Keaney!!!
Virtual learning will continue through the end of our calendar year. Our hopes is to prepare our students for their rising grade level. Thanks for your support! _____________________________________________________________
Update 5/11/20
Happy Mother's Day! We hope that you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had yesterday. Thank you for your support!! 
We will continue to meet via ZOOM on Monday & Friday from 10-10:30. 
During our Monday ZOOM meetings, Mrs. Mainwaring will have "Safe at Home, Safe Alone" assignments for students to work on and use for discussions. 
You can find the new choice board under Files and Documents. Also, Specialists are sending out choice boards to keep students art, pe, music and technology skills sharp! 

 Monday nights at 7 are game night with Ms. Keaney!!! 

 Thank you again for your support and all of your gifts and kind words last week for teacher appreciation.

Update 5/4/20
Hi Families!

We love seeing all of the work students submit to us throughout the week. Thank you for helping with that! Please find the new choice board of activities for the week under Files and Documents. 

Our ZOOM calls will continue every Monday & Friday from 10-10:30 am. We like to have some games involved and have some fun with the students. This Monday Mrs. Mishoe will be hosting an "Estimation" game where students will use math clues to figure out the amount of items in the jar!! Our winners will have a chance to share out on Friday!

Mrs. Mainwaring (our amazing school counselor) has dropped off your "Safe at Home, Safe Alone" packets that are yours to keep. Every Monday, she will have her mini-lesson and work on pages from the book you received. Be sure to have that book handy during our ZOOM meetings.

Mrs. Keaney, our fabulous ESOL teacher, will be hosting KAHOOT game nights, Mondays at 7 pm. All are welcome!!


The third quarter ended April 24, and report cards will be available in The Hub by May 5. 

Thanks for all your continued support!

Update 4/27/2020
Hi Families!
I hope you heard about the fun we had on Friday with our KAHOOT game! The student's know their teachers very well!!! We are happy to continue our bonding with another week of virtual learning.
Has your student logged on to their class dojo portfolio? This is another way students can upload and share their work with teachers. All teachers are able to see the work & give feedback to what they've submitted using this platform.
We will continue our weekly ZOOM meetings on Monday & Friday from 10 - 10:30 am. We look forward to playing games, hearing about quarantine life and the learning that they've been doing at home! This is also a great time for students to ask their teachers any clarifying questions they might have.
The new choice board for this week can be found in the Files and Documents tab. Have a great week!

Update 4/20/2020

We are back for another week of digital school house learning. In the Files and Documents tab you will find the choice board for this week along with multiples and factors resources. These objectives are all review and your child should be able to complete these independently. If they need resources for answers, they can be found on our class web pages (https://coleses.pwcs.edu/class_pages/fourth_grade).

We would love to see the work students are completing and have an opportunity to give them feedback. You can submit their work by emailing us, having them email us, messaging us a picture through dojo or uploading to student portfolio on dojo.

Our ZOOM calls with students will continue on Mondays & Fridays from 10-10:30 am. The log in credentials remain the same. (Which can also be found on "events")

You will see that the students ENCORE teachers are also providing a choice board. Students look forward to attending these classes during the day and they have some cool activities planned for them! I know the ENCORE teachers are eager to see some fourth grade faces again! 🙂
UPDATE: April 14,2020

Hi Families,
 We hope that you've enjoyed your Spring Break. We are excited to hear from our students in what they've been doing over their time off. Here are a few weekly updates below:
1) Has your student logged on to their "student dojo portfolio" yet? There are some great ways for us to connect with them through this application. I've sent everyone a personalized log in and steps for students. We will be utilizing this application and all of it's great features.
2) Student office 365 email- please make sure your student has logged on and checked their emails. This is another way for them to communicate with their teachers and peers! 
3) ZOOM Calls- we will be chatting with students on Tuesday, April 14th and Friday, April 17th at 10 am. We look forward to hearing about their spring breaks and sharing our new choice board with them. (Links and passwords are in the "events") 
4) Check out our new choice board for students to complete! Please have them share what they've done with us through dojo portfolios or email. 
Thank you for your continued support! Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

______________________________________________________________Update March 30,2020 I have added the choice board for the week under Files and Documents. As discussed on Dojo, if you are missing passwords to any of the programs we used in class, please email me and I will get that information to you.  _____________________________________________________________  Update: March 23, 2020   Sending virtual hugs to all of my little Mathematicians! I can't stress enough that this is a perfect time to go ahead and master those multiplication facts :-). As we adults know, that will make math life less difficult. In the Useful Links tab you will find resources that would be helpful with this effort. You will find resources in the Files and Documents tab as well. In case students are wondering if I will be sending out an April Math calendar,........... I will :-). Be safe!  Also, Origo (one of the math resources we use in class) has provided us with a link that includes video, games, and other engaging activities.    ______________________________________________________________  Hi Families!

On behalf of the fourth grade team, we hope that everyone is able to stay healthy and safe in your home.

In the upcoming days, students will have the opportunity for distant learning. Listed below are opportunities they have available to complete & work on until school resumes.

1) Study Island- lots of assignments for Math & Reading. They can get their passport signed if they score an 80% or higher.

2) Prodigy- a fun math related game

3) Social Studies- Daily Review packets were sent home (and attached to this message). I will be provided an answer key on my YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcktoURbkqpgHUN4fuHjmng) for them to check their answers.

4) SOLPASS.ORG- lots of learning activities, videos, study guides and games for every subject area. If they score an 80% or higher you can sign their passports.

We hope our students stay sharp during this time apart!

Welcome Busy Bees!! My name is Jocelyn Mishoe, I am married with 2 boys, Anthony and Jaden. I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you. This is my 10th year at Coles and my 9th year in 4th Grade. Let's get ready to have an awesome year of growing and learning together!

  Fourth Grade Mission:

We will work hard, succeed our goals, and take our work seriously.

Our Class Vision:

The fourth graders will be outgoing and successful role models.